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How To Drive A Golf Ball Far

If you want to learn how to drive a golf ball far, I have a little different twist on it. If you know who I am, or what I do, you’ll know I’m not a big believer in buying the latest, greatest $500 driver to get an extra 5-10 yards on your drives. In fact, […]

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Golfer Improves Golf Swing And Tells Others…

I love it when I get an email from a golfer who actually did my golf training program consistently and got results. Well…that just happened a couple of days ago. Pat Thomas, Sr. had recently purchased my system, and got back to me with some amazing results, and it’s only been a little while since […]

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Is The Golf Swing Physical – Causing Injury?


I have spent 10 years educating golfers on the physical aspect of the golf swing. Many golfers play with an injury, causing them poor results in score and even power. Do you play with aches and pains? If so, what do you think causes them? Do you think the golf swing is potentially abusive to […]

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7 Steps To A Better Golf Swing

Achieving a better golf swing is not impossible, but for most high handicap golfers and beginners it seems like a pipe dream. I’ve heard horror stories of golfers spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on lessons, equipment, and golf training aids to never see improvement in their swing and game. Man… is that a […]

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Off Season Golf Program To Improve Swing Power


Can I ask how your golf season went? Did you see improvement, or where you about the same as the year before? In golf, we all strive to do better, but as statistics our handicaps are not going down. With the off season coming near, it’s time to diagnose our swing inefficiencies and implement a […]

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Power Golf Swing Tubing – 10 Yards In 10 Minutes


If you want to take a “short-cut” to longer drives, I’ve got just the golf training product and program for you. There is nothing more effective than replicating your golf swing with resistance. In this case, our power golf swing tubing.

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Passive Arms To Start Your Golf Swing Transition

I”ve been working on my swing relentlessly for the past week or so. My mishit is a toe shot, and it’s driving me crazy. One of my main issues is my golf swing transition from the top. I guess I would be termed a “hitter” and not a swinger, therefore my upper body (especially arms) […]

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Power Swing Weight Trainer Launches


If you’re a golfer looking to quickly and effectively improve your golf swing speed, power and distance, you’ll want to take a look at our Power Golf Swing Weight Trainer. I am always on the lookout for golf swing trainers that will help golfers add more power and distance, and this one “fits the bill” […]

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Golf Swing Motion – It’s Round


I’ve worked on my golf swing for many, many years. To the point of being fanatic. I’ve taken lessons, bought training aids, including dvds, books, ebooks, and made sure I had equipment fitted for me. One thing I hadn’t really thought of that was so obvious was the motion of the golf swing. I know […]

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How To Be Better At Golf

Learning how to be better at golf is a lifelong mission for most of us. Peaks and valleys is commonplace. We all are addicted to the challenge of hitting a good shot, and once in a while hitting one that keeps us “coming back”. Below is a list of golf improvement approaches that you can […]

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