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Simple 3 Minute Golf Warm Up

  This is a simple golf warmup video using a club. 1. Shoulder Raises – ease into this one. Start with club on this, hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise up to chest high, bring back down to legs, then continue to raise higher until you feel you can’t go anymore. The speed should […]

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Golf Stretch To Improve Swing Consistency

Bobby and I have been receiving a ton of emails from older golfers who are struggling with back pain and a massive loss of power and distance. I wanted to address one critical area in this golf video that is common amongst the majority of senior golfers we work with. It’s a restricted shoulder shoulder. […]

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Simple Golf Hip Turn Stretch For Maximum Rotation


Watch This Video, And Do This Hip Rotation Stretch Daily To Improve Your Golf Swing Power I shot this golf stretch video to show you an effective hip rotation stretch you can do to increase the speed of your hip turn in your golf swing. This is a huge power generator, and most of the […]

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Is Stretching Bad For Your Golf Warm Up?


There has been some news lately that stretching before golf (warm up) may be bad for your game. Can this be real? I mean, when is stretching EVER bad for an athlete or recreational sport person? I think saying the term bad, hurtful, harmful is a bit too strong, but I will say that there […]

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Golf Stretch For Better Hip Rotation And Swing Speed

I’ve been getting a few emails from golfers having a hard time rotating (turning) their hips through impact. It’s most likely from a restriction in mobility. I’ve put together a vidoe (see below) with a simple golf stretch which will improve your hip rotation range of motion. You’ll see an increase in swing speed after […]

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Bigger Golf Backswing Stretch Video

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.56.08 PM

I’ve been receiving a ton of emails from golfers all over the world who are struggling with their golf backswing range of motion. Not being able to make a full, and complet turn on their backswing. I’ve put together a video with a simple golf stretch that will help you with this golf swing issue. […]

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Golfer Improves Golf Swing And Tells Others…

I love it when I get an email from a golfer who actually did my golf training program consistently and got results. Well…that just happened a couple of days ago. Pat Thomas, Sr. had recently purchased my system, and got back to me with some amazing results, and it’s only been a little while since […]

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Is The Golf Swing Physical – Causing Injury?


I have spent 10 years educating golfers on the physical aspect of the golf swing. Many golfers play with an injury, causing them poor results in score and even power. Do you play with aches and pains? If so, what do you think causes them? Do you think the golf swing is potentially abusive to […]

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Off Season Golf Program To Improve Swing Power


Can I ask how your golf season went? Did you see improvement, or where you about the same as the year before? In golf, we all strive to do better, but as statistics our handicaps are not going down. With the off season coming near, it’s time to diagnose our swing inefficiencies and implement a […]

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Passive Arms To Start Your Golf Swing Transition

I”ve been working on my swing relentlessly for the past week or so. My mishit is a toe shot, and it’s driving me crazy. One of my main issues is my golf swing transition from the top. I guess I would be termed a “hitter” and not a swinger, therefore my upper body (especially arms) […]

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