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Is The Golf Swing Physical – Causing Injury?


I have spent 10 years educating golfers on the physical aspect of the golf swing. Many golfers play with an injury, causing them poor results in score and even power. Do you play with aches and pains? If so, what do you think causes them? Do you think the golf swing is potentially abusive to […]

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7 Steps To A Better Golf Swing

Achieving a better golf swing is not impossible, but for most high handicap golfers and beginners it seems like a pipe dream. I’ve heard horror stories of golfers spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on lessons, equipment, and golf training aids to never see improvement in their swing and game. Man… is that a […]

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Off Season Golf Program To Improve Swing Power


Can I ask how your golf season went? Did you see improvement, or where you about the same as the year before? In golf, we all strive to do better, but as statistics our handicaps are not going down. With the off season coming near, it’s time to diagnose our swing inefficiencies and implement a […]

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How To Grip A Golf Club


I can an eye-opener a couple of months back. I never thought how to grip a golf club would be something I was doing wrong, since I play to a 7 handicap and have literally studied the golf swing. I took a lesson from Geoff Jones in Texarkana, who is a fantastic teacher, and is […]

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Passive Arms To Start Your Golf Swing Transition

I”ve been working on my swing relentlessly for the past week or so. My mishit is a toe shot, and it’s driving me crazy. One of my main issues is my golf swing transition from the top. I guess I would be termed a “hitter” and not a swinger, therefore my upper body (especially arms) […]

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No Backswing Golf Swing

The No Backswing Golf Swing. What the heck? I thought the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing was the new, whiz bang golf method taking the golf community by storm. Is golf now getting like dieting? There’s a “new way” every week. This no backswing approach is one that’s been used as a golf drill by […]

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Golf Power: Wrist Hinge, Unhinge And Rehinge


To achieve maximum power in your golf game, you must be able to fully hinge, unhinge and rehinge your wrists. A lot of clubhead speed comes from this wrist action, especially through impact. Hingeing (or wrist cock) your wrists, creates lag. Lag enhances power. Power means LONGER drives! When I think of lag from the […]

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Square Clubface Creates Straight Golf Shots


What angle your clubface comes into the ball (and your swing path) determine where you golf ball is going to go. Control your clubface, and you control your ball. Most amateur golfers have not been educated on what a square clubface feels like throughout your their golf swing. Without the feeling, it is impossible to […]

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The Modern Golf Swing


The game of golf, and the golf swing are evolving. The modern golf swing has become the ideal for most amateur golfers. With tour players like, Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley, and now the emerging star Anthony Kim, you’ve got a level of golf that is nearly untouchable for 85% of the tour players. Even Tiger […]

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Most Important Thing In Golf Swing

Golfers want to know the “magic bullet” for a better golf swing. What if I told you the most important thing in golf swing theory was some simple tip that any golfer could apply and see results? I hate to tease you like that, but I can’t do that! Nobody can! Doesn’t matter if you […]

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