Golf Backswing Right Arm - Learn How With This Trainer

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Golf Backswing Right Arm – Learn How With This Trainer

I know for me, I have an issue I’ve recently uncovered in my swing, and that is the right arm bending way too early in my backswing. I had tried a couple of my own methods to stop this from happening, but just couldn’t fix it. Ugh!

I’m a very analytical person and golfer, and sometimes that gets the best of me, but I knew I had to fix this fault, or I’d continue to struggle with my inconsistent swing and mishits. If I can tell you one thing to always remember it’s to “eliminate as many moving parts in your swing as possible“, and for me the right arm (specifically elbow) was a biggy.

Being on-plane is critical to golf swing consistency and solid ball striking, so simplying your backswing, and removing wasted motion in your right arm should be a focal point for sure.

Don’t Bend Right Arm Too Early

One thing you MUST not do is bend your right arm too early in your swing. This causes the club to be taken too far to the inside, too quickly, and gets the club out-of-sync with your body, as the hands and arms are now moving independently of your body.

Instead, focus on the triangle of your shoulders, arms and hands moving in one-piece for as long as you can in the takeaway, which is usually when the club hits parallel to the ground and your toe line.

Do Not Rotate Right Arm Too Early

I want you to really focus on this one-piece takeaway, because if you rotate your right arm too early, again, the club will immediately be off plane, and too far to the inside, and you will then lift the club to the top, with a false shoulder turn, resulting in no coil (stored energy) in your core muscles.

The right arm will naturally rotate as you go back, but should not be an independent motion. This is where many golfers (me included) make the swing too complicated, with too many moving parts.

Bend Your Right Elbow Late In The Swing

Once you learn the one-piece takeaway, and get a feel for no independent movement of arms or hands, you’ll start to feel a true shoulder turn in your backswing. Now…here’s where you really need to pay attention. Once your shoulder turn is nearly complete (85%), the club will be beyond parallel to the ground, then you let your right elbow bend to complete your shoulder turn and get to the top of your backswing in the correct position.

One critical point, and it’s one I struggle with even today. Do not EVER let your right elbow bend more than 90 degrees. If you do (like I use to), your club will go across the line at the top of your swing, and be pointing right of your target. This means, when you come down, you’ll either have to come “over the top”, or flip it to hit it straight or left. Not good!

Here’s A Quick Way To Fix It

If you want a quicker path to learning the proper, on-plane golf backswing, see how the Golf Swing Plane Trainer works to help keep your swing on plane.

+Mike Pedersen