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Golf Exercise And Fitness For Senior Golfers

Senior golfers are fighting the physical decline associate with aging. It’s inevitable, but can dramatically be slowed down with a golf exercise and fitness program that incorporates balance exercises, core stabilization movements for both strength and flexibility, and improved range of motion of the extremities (shoulders, wrists, ankles, etc.).

This is the ONLY way to get back those lost yards and reduce those mishits that happen more frequently. I played with a senior golfer the other day. He was 69 and really did quite well…until the last 4 to 5 holes.

He lost his backswing range of motions and just used his arms. He lost a minimum of 50 yards on his drives and was “duck-hooking” everything since he was not turning his body through the shot.

He realized what was happening, but I guarantee he will walk off the course and keep doing what he’s been doing…and it’s not a golf exercise and fitness program I can assure you.

If that same golfer were to focus on his “physical” inabilities his golf swing and game would be better than it’s been in many years!

I can’t tell senior golfers enough how important it is to incorporate both golf strength and golf stretching to their golf improvement routine.