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Better Golf Over 50 With Fitness

If you’re over 50 and play golf, I want you to understand how important it is to improve your fitness specific to golf.

The majority of senior golfers have lost a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility, which then results in a dramatic loss of yards and consistency.

Any golfer in his/her 50’s and beyond has declining physical capabilities. This is called the aging process, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you are willing to commit just a few minutes a day to improving your muscular flexibility and strength specific to your swing.

You don’t need to go to the gym. And it doesn’t require lifting heavy weights. In fact, it’s nearly the complete opposite.

Fitness On The Champions Senior Tour

Better Golf Over 50

I can tell you most of the Champion’s Tour players work out. In fact, Tom Kite has done several segments on the Golf Channel showing some of his golf exercises. Tom Watson and of course the legend and bigtime fitness for golf advocate Gary Player.

They have a fitness trailer that goes around with them to every tournament, and most of them take advantage of it by stretching, warming up, and strength training with the trainers that travel with the trailer, or they bring their own with them, and many times they double as their caddy.

The point I’m trying to get across is if they think it’s important, and they know it will help, not hurt their game, shouldn’t you model the best and do the same?

The Importance Of Strength For Over 50 Golfers

A lack of strength for older golfers is one of the main culprits to a loss in distance. If your muscles are weak, they don’t fire as fast, which slows down clubhead speed, and ultimately your distance.

Stronger golf muscles also protect your body from injury. A high percentage of senior golfers play in pain, or have an injury that’s keeping them off the course. Improving strength can both improve driving distance, and reduce injuries, allowing you to play pain-free golf for years to come.

You Gotta Stretch If You Want Longer Drives

Along with strength, flexibility is right up there. Tight muscles are fragile muscles. They have lost their elasticity, or simply their ability to stretch, to allow for a full backswing, and they pull on your spine creating low back and upper back pain, which severely decrease swing power and consistency. When you’ve reached 50 and over, fitness plays a much bigger factor.

Plain and simple, stretching FEELS GOOD!

I know many of you might be thinking that’s a crazy thing to say, but until you do it, you can’t judge it. Muscles are meant to be stretched, as our daily lives (mostly sitting) enhance muscle restriction, tension and increase pain.

Get Your Starting Point Right

One of the biggest issues I see with golfers over 50 when they start exercising is they go at it way to hard and fast. Even when they hire a trainer, they do too much too soon and get sore. Then the golfer gets discouraged that his game is suffering and usually quits before he can get through that “initial” soreness, and on his way to a fitter game of golf.

It is critical you accept your starting point (initial level of fitness), and “ease” into a program. If you haven’t done anything in years, then maybe the first week, you wake up and do 10 pushups and situps a couple of times. Then, after you’ve been successful, do a little more.

The key…like any goal in life is to be consistent. That goes for weight loss, more income in your job, or increasing your driving distance.

This is the way to be successful long-term with your golf swing training program.

Pro Tip For Senior Golfers

If you’re like most golfers you can’t afford to hire a private trainer. You’re talking about hundreds of dollars a month. The next best thing is golf fitness products. This can be a golf fitness DVD, or golf stretching DVD.

+Mike Pedersen

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