Golf Swing Release Drills - Watch This Video

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Golf Swing Release Drills – Watch This Video

One of the most critical, if not number one things in golf to get right is the release in the golf swing. I’m talking specifically what your hands should do through impact. I want to show you some release drills that will improve your distance, consistency and accuracy, and most likely fix some swing faults that you had due to compensations you made  in your swing.

Learning how to release your hands through impact will be eye-opening to you!

How To Release Your Hands In Your Golf Swing – Watch This Video

I’m my own guinea pig, so through these articles I hope you learn from my mistakes, and save the heartache, agony and time I put in. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some of the best golf instructors on the net, so I will not ever profess to say these are all my ideas, but they are the ones that worked for me.

Learning how to play better golf takes a little effort, and smart training. Recognize your swing faults and fix them. I know that’s easier said then done, but that is the fastest way to playing better.

The Most Common Is The Early Release

This is referred to as casting, throwing, and a number of other terms, but it’s a premature release of your wrists too early, typically for some high handicap golfers, right from the start of the downswing.

This causes a widening of the wrist angle (lag) too early, and will result in other compensations later in the downswing, most notably flipping and coming up (which I use to do) at impact, which can produce fat, thin, chunked and even topped shots.

It depends on your timing that day as to which one of these happens, but usually it’s consistent for that day.

Fix Early Release

If you’re a right-handed golfer, the release is all about your right wrist. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to subdue my right wrist. It was over-active in the golf takeaway, and coming down. I experimented with different feels and drills given to me from local teaching pro’s, never to fix it.

Then during one practice session it hit me. My grip and wrist tension was through the roof! It was one of the major causes of this over-active right wrist. With this tension in my fingers, hands and wrist, the muscles just want to fire (release) as quick as possible.

The Answer: What I did next changed my swing immediately. I let all the tension go in my right wrist, so when I took the club back, it set back on itself naturally. I felt a lot of pressure in my trigger finger of my right hand, so I know I was on to something. Before I could never feel that.

Read on there’s more!

Now that I could feel the proper wrist cock at the top of my golf swing, I needed to restrain from the early release in the transition. What I did next might not work for you, as it is a “feel” move, but I’m confident it will if you understand it.

What I Did (Drill): I kept the fingers in my right hand very relaxed, and focused on a slight pulling motion. But the key was to pull down with the big fleshy pad under my right thumb, which helped retain the wrist cock in my right wrist. Following me?

What’s important here, is to feel your right hand bent back on itself, and staying there as you pull down. This is called “retaining lag”, and is a must if you want to hit the ball a long way.

Added Benefit: This relaxation in the right hand coming down, also enabled the club to stay on plane, whereas before, I would come down very steep, which is NO GOOD in golf. With the club resting on the fingers of your right hand, this plane is set, and not disturbed coming all the way down.

Next Tip For Pre-Release Of Hands

As you’re coming down, I want you to feel like your right hand is on top of the shaft. This feeling will also turn down the left hand (Hogan move), which will be squaring the face coming into impact. This little turn down needs to become automatic.

Believe it or not, in the pictures below, you might not be able to see it, but my right hand feels and looks right on top of the shaft, with the palm literally facing the ground.

The second picture at impact, I feel like I’m smothering the ball with my right hand. That’s the feeling you need to get to compress the ball squarely, and achieve the nirvana of smashing that golf ball!

I will bet you a hundred dollars 99% of high handicap golfers don’t get this right.

pre-release-handsimpact release

When you get this right, you will come down onto the ball squarely, and if you’re anything like me, I found the ball jumped off the clubface. It was pure heaven! All those years of hitting the ball with a slightly off-square clubface, and not to finally compress that dang golf ball!

Look at the full release in the below picture. See how the butt of the club is now disappearing? For most high handicap golfers, the entire club would still be visible, because they flipped it, and come up on it.

full swing release

When you fully release your club like this, you will have a feeling of no tension going into your follow through.

Drill: The Late Release

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this in golf instruction, but sometimes you need to go to an extreme to fix your fault. And this is one time I feel it is warranted.

What you’re going to do is retain your wrist cock as long as you can, late into and past impact (see image below). At first, this will not be while you hit a golf ball. This is a drill to do in front of a mirror. Keep the tension out of your right hand, wrist and fingers, and bring the club down, way into impact.

release-golf-face onimpact-release-face-on

I promise you, when you hit a ball, you won’t even come close to holding this angle. There is too much  centrifugal force from the club and speed. But the point of the drill is to get you comfortable retaining this angle late into the hit.

How To Release The Hands Through Impact

This is the “money zone”.

This is where you can really compress that poor golf ball.

With your right hand still on top of the club, your left hand turning down, you now have a “green light” to push (extend) your right hand down and through the ball, and the left hand to turn over into a full release of your hands. This is not a flip or roll! This is a release of your hands through impact.


Notice the right arm fully extended. Also the right shoulder has continued to come through. This was not an independent move of my hands. It was a shoulders, arms, hands and club release for maximum power.

You could even practice this position right here in a mirror to feel what it’s like. I’ll bet you have felt your body in that position before. That’s a great drill all by itself.

What helped me the most, was using a golf release training aid. I did this move with the aid all over my house for days and days, and finally got it ingrained, and my ball striking is better than ever!

Golf Release Training Aid

This was a mammoth article, but one that I felt was needed to get you to understand how your hands release in your swing.

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+Mike Pedersen