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How To Improve A Restricted Shoulder Turn In Your Golf Swing

A restricted shoulder turn in your golf swing robs you of distance. This golf swing limitation is prevalent in older golfers who have a physically declining strength and flexibility in the core and more specifically the upper back area. For example, the upper back limitation results in a “hump back”, that will not allow you to make any backswing turn at all.

To prove it…right now as you’re reading this tip, cross your arms in front of your chest and slouch over a bit. Now try to rotate to the right as if you’re making a backswing. Did you turn very far? Take a deep breath, exhale and sit up as tall as you can with your arms still crossed and turn again. Did you notice how much further you went?

This physical limitation cannot be improved by taking more lessons; hitting more balls; or buying new equipment. The only equipment you need to be concerned about is you.

By focusing on your body, and improving both the strength and flexibility of your upper back (spine) area, you will improve your body’s ability to make a FULL shoulder turn with no tension, resulting in powerful drives and better consistency. A restricted shoulder turn in your golf swing will be one less issue to deal with.

Here’s a simple golf strength exercise for the muscles in your upper back. Grab some exercise tubing (you can get it at your local Target or fitness equipment store):

  • Stand upright with arms extended straight out from your chest.
  • Grab tubing in middle about 10 inches apart.
  • While maintaining erect posture, pull your hands apart until the tubing touches your chest.
  • You will feel a big contraction in the muscles between your shoulder blades at this finished position.
  • Do this slowly for 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Doing this exercise a couple of times a week will give you a much more erect upper back posture enabling you to turn back and through more free.

This is just one (of many) simple golf strength exercises you can do (with minimal equipment and in your home) to isolate any swing fault you are experiencing in your golf swing.

The sooner you realize “it’s your body” causing these swing faults, the sooner you can get your solution and be on to a better golf swing and game.