Left Arm Connected To Chest For Golf Swing Consistency

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Left Arm Connected To Chest For Golf Swing Consistency

One swing thought that could really help a lot of golfers is to keep your left arm connected to chest throughout your golf swing. This is what we refer to as a “connected golf swing” that results in better consistency and accuracy.

A common swing fault (I’ve been guilty) is to move your arms independent of your upper body early in the swing and post impact. This creates a very loose, powerless golf swing, that cannot get back to impact in a consistent position

By learning to keep you left arm in close to your upper chest, it makes it much easier to hit the ball, because all you have to do is rotate your upper body through the ball, and the left arm goes along for the ride. Unfortunately, most golfers struggle to get this down, and resort back to their disconnected swings that create mishits and poor distance.

You may have seen golf drills like the one where you take a clubhead cover from one of your woods and tuck in underneath your left armpit, and you make a swing trying to keep it in there, but I found this drill not too effective, as it was uncomfortable to have that under my armpit.

Use A Golf Swing Aid

I am a big believer in the use of golf swing aids, especially ones that are specific to your swing fault. When you can use one of these aids, and make full swings (and even hit balls), you get INSTANT feedback as to if you are doing it correctly or not. This dramatically speeds up your learning to nearly instant, but as we all no, you need repetitions doing it right to ingrain it into your brain and golf muscles.

Recommended Golf Training Aid

I hope you’ve enjoyed this concise article, and now see how critical it is to keep your left arm connected to your chest. If you want to speed up your results, take a look at our connected golf swing aid.

+Mike Pedersen