Left Arm In Golf Swing

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Left Arm In Golf Swing

I’ve been working a lot lately on my swing, and the left arm has been a focal point. Learn how the left arm moves in your golf swing is critical to better ball striking, as well as producing maximum power and distance with all your clubs.

You see…I have hyper mobile elbows and shoulders, and as that was very good for my javelin throwing days, in golf I’m finding it’s not so good. Especially in the left elbow.

After nearly 20 years of studying the golf swing, taking hundreds of lessons, buying all the instruction DVDs, etc., I recently came across a fault that I think may change my entire golf swing, so I hope by writing about it, it may help you as well.

I had my son take a quick picture (after a workout) to show you how my left elbow hyper-extends.

Left Elbow In Golf Swing

So what happens is, at address I basically lock it (without knowing it until now), which hyper-extends it and creates a ton of tension up into my left shoulder. Now going back, that might be okay, but coming down into impact this is a major problem.

You see…the left elbow needs to be able to bend (release) shortly after impact to achieve the proper release of your hands, as well as maintain the connection to your body with your upper arm.

I want to make perfectly clear that your left elbow should not overly bend in the takeaway, or at the top of your backswing, but it also, should not be locked (hyper-extended) like mine either.

So the best of both worlds is to feel like the elbow is soft (just slightly bent a fraction) at address; during your backswing, and definitely coming down and into impact, and beyond.

When I came upon this revelation, I realize this was causing a “jammed up” feeling at impact (see image below) with my left shoulder scrunching up into my traps, and it was actually blocking my release of the club.

Jammed Left Elbow In Golf Swing

At this point in the golf swing (impact), my left elbow should start to bend, and the upper left arm re-connect to my side for my club to swing back to the inside naturally. As you can see in the above picture, this will not happen with a locked, hyper-extended elbow.

When I let my left elbow bend at this point, my hands release easily and naturally, and my left upper arm comes back in close to my side with the club freely swinging left around my body.

I am quite excited to go out and work on this, as I know in my gut, improving the motion of my left arm in my golf swing will help me compress the ball, and take a nice dollar-sized divot, “after the ball”.

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Along with this swing change I’m making, I’m using the golf swing connection aid to help me learn the correct feel of my left arm staying connected to my body coming through impact.

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+Mike Pedersen