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Lift Arms And Turn Golf Swing

So what do you think about lift arms and turn golf swing? If you read the title I hope you don’ completely believe it, as the title is a bit misleading, but I achieved my goal of getting you here, and now it is my duty to explain this so you have a better understanding of how to quickly improve your golf swing.

There is definitely a turning of your upper body combined with a lifting of the arms, but they are in a certain sequence that is critical to swinging on plane. Most golfers, including the older ones lift the arms first because they physically can’t turn their upper bodies.

You NEVER want to lift your arms at the start of your golf swing takeaway. This will quickly throw off your golf swing sequence which will take your club off plane and make it very difficult to make a full shoulder turn to maximize your distance with every club.

The turning of your body starts your swing off in a one-piece takeaway which is powerful and very easy to do. Once you’ve gotten back to the 9:00 o’clock position your arms will start to lift but only with the turning of the body and not independently. This is a very connected feeling.

If you can remember one thing, the initial move in your takeaway is SO important, you MUST get it right, so it’s worth doing some drills and mirror work to get it right.