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Long Golf Drive Secrets

Long golf drive secrets! Hmmmm???? Is there such a thing? I have learned that if you didn’t already know something, then it in fact is a secret to you. Now I’m not going to say I’m going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard to hit long drives in golf, but I am going to reiterate the key tips you MUST do to maximize your distance with y our golf driver swing.

Lets dispel a huge myth. You don’t have to be like those beasts that enter and win long drive contests. Some of those guys are animals! I mean…6’8″ and weigh 260 pounds, but it’s ALL MUSCLE!

This is not realistic for most of us mere mortals, so given you’re not already the above height and weight, what can you do to maximize YOUR driving distance?

There are a couple of critical things and I want to discuss them right now.

Clubhead Speed

Most of us know that the faster we can swing our driver, the farther the ball will go right? Well, not necessarily if you can’t find the middle of the clubface for solid ball contact. You can swing at 150 mph, but if you hit it off the heel or toe, you’re not going to hit it very far (or find the fairway).

Clubhead speed with solide swing fundamentals is what you want. As you slowly increase your swing speed, you must also maintain or improve your swing technique. Make sense?

How do you increase clubhead speed?

There are several choices you have to increase your swing speed. You can embark on a strength and flexibility program like my power training system; you can swing a weighted golf club at higher speeds, but again under control; or, work on your golf swing mechanics to enhance solid ball/clubface contact, then introduce speed to this new swing.

Work On Your Lag!

One way to quickly increase your swing speed at impact is to work on maintaining your wrist cock late into your swing. It is nearly impossible to do, but training like this will engrain in you to hold that wrist hinge and not release it too early.

Just think of Sergio Garcia or even Camillo Villegas. They both have tremendous wrist cock just before impact. This imparts a tremendous amount of speed through the ball, as the club and head act like a whip this late in the downswing. You want that WHIP through the ball!

Stay Behind The Ball

This is something I work on all the time. When you see some of the longest hitters of the golf ball just beyond impact, they have FULL extension with BOTH arms. The ONLY way to achieve this is to rotate on your downswing, while staying back. This is very hard to do, as the feeling of moving laterally into the ball feels more powerful but it’s NOT!

That’s why it’s so important to move the ball WAY FORWARD in your stance when you want to hit it long. You will achieve this amazing full extension and be pounding the ball.

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