Right Elbow In Golf Swing - Watch This Golf Video Tip

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Right Elbow In Golf Swing – Watch Video

Watch This Golf Video Tip To Learn What Your Right Elbow Is Supposed To Do In Your Golf Swing

For a right handed golfer, understanding how your elbow functions in the golf swing is something you ought to know; and that’s the goal of this article (and video).

I have spent several years now working on the correct motion of my right elbow, so I think I’m qualified to give you some good information that can help you understand this element in your swing motion.

Like every joint in the body, there is a specific movement of the right elbow that needs to take place, and you might think it’s natural, but for some (like me) I had a faulty motion and it really hurt my technique.

The lower part of your right arm is made up of 2 bones, the radius and the ulna. They externally rotate as you take the club back, and this should put your elbow in a position to be pointing more at the ground, than back behind you.

There is some leeway here, but the more the elbow points behind you at the top of your swing, the harder it is to get back in front of you at the very important point of impact.

On the way down, you want as much of a direct path with the right elbow to get it down and in front of your right hip at impact. The common mistake is to release your club at impact and your right elbow is not in front of your right hip. This will prevent you from compressing the golf ball, and will most likely result in a flip at impact.

Right Elbow Bend

This has been a huge issue for me, so I hope I can bring attention to it, to help you avoid this. The right elbow IMO (in my opinion) should NOT bend beyond 90 degrees EVER in your golf swing, especially at the top.

If you do, this will promote an early release of your arm coming down, as your brain knows that elbow is bent too much, and has a long way to go to straight just after impact.

Elbow Drill

Get in your posture, and bend your right elbow to 90 (see picture below).

Golf Drill Right Elbow Start

Now just rotate your shoulders as if you’re making a backswing, and your right arm should be in this position (see below).

Right Elbow Drill Top Position Golf Swing

Equally as important is avoiding the premature (early) bending of the right elbow in the initial part of the takeaway, which will lift the club, robbing you of width going back, and also give you a false sense of a shoulder turn.

The next time you make a swing, take note of how bent your elbow is at the top. If it’s beyond 90, shorten it up a bit. You will soon realize you can get back to impact and it’s actually a simpler move, with less moving joints.

Right Elbow At Top Of Swing

One critical position is at the top of the swing. Your right elbow should be pointing down (see picture below).

Right Elbow Top Of Golf Swing

You do not want it pointing behind you as this will create a steep downswing plane, and encourage an “over the top golf swing”. No good! The elbow pointing down puts it in a perfect position to get down and in front of the right hip much easier.

What The Elbow Does In Your Downswing

As you are coming down, your right elbow is slowing unbending, with the tip of the elbow coming right down in front of right hip (see picture below), and more importantly, the lower arm is starting to rotate counter-clockwise, which will square the clubface. This is the “screwing” motion into the ground I mentioned in the golf swing release video.

Right Elbow Golf Downswing

This is where some golfers don’t do it correctly. Instead they rotate the forearm clockwise opens the clubface wide open, and also promotes a “throw out” motion way too early in the downswing, making it difficult to get to impact with your hands ahead, and the forward lean of the shaft, that all the pros have.

Impact Position

This is critical to optimal ball striking!

Your right elbow needs to be “in front of your right hip” (see image below) at impact. This is a MUST. If you have more than 2-3 inches of space between your right hip and elbow, it’s too far out away from the body.

This will create a glancing blow on the ball. Your goal should be to get that right elbow back onto the hip and then extend through impact and into your follow through.

Also take not that at impact, your right arm is not completely extended, which is another common fault for high handicap golfers.

Right Elbow Position At Golf AddressRight Elbow Impact Position In Golf Swing

It should still be slightly bent. It does not extend fully until after you have hit the ball! Remember this. Just think of throwing a ball. The ball is gone and your elbow THEN finally releases fully. Not before. Same thing in golf.

Through impact, that “screwing” into the ground occurs even more, as the lower forearm bones rotate counter-clockwise over each other to a full release, and the elbow finally straightening, but never locking out.

I’m a huge believer in what the entire right arm and shoulder do in your golf swing for maximum power and consistency, so I hope this article gives you a better understanding of what happens with the right elbow in your golf swing.

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+Mike Pedersen