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Simple Golf Drill To Swing On Plane

I might say your golf swing plane plane is probably the most vital components of a consistent golf swing that goes long and down the fairway. Most beginner golfers are off plane either halfway back, or in the downswing. No matter what, this may mess for your own swing.

I don’t want you to get too overwhelmed, so what I have in here should keep it quick and easy to master.

Simple Tips To Develop Your Swing Plane

To own the perfect golf swing plane, You’ll want to first keep in mind where your hands and club are when you start your swing, because you’ll want to come back to that position, or as close as you can.

Every golfer is not the same, as some have long arms that hang lower, making a lower angle to your own shaft plane at your starting position, and the short arms produces an increasingly upright, vertical shaft plane at address.

Perhaps you have heard this before, but impact and address should be similar. There is some leeway here, so nothing to obsess over, nevertheless, if in your thoughts you will get back to impact, from your starting position, you are going to be smashing your the golf ball like you’ve never done before.

Leave the hands out of it!

You read it here! Your hands make or break your golf swing. I do know for me personally, I’ve been on completely wrong end of that stick, and wrecked my swing plane, and it took hours of researching swing videos, and drills to correct it. I’m not there yet, nonetheless the progress continues to be remarkable!

Once you start your move back, your hands should go directly back, without the need of manipulation of your hands to the club. It all extends back as a whole (hands, arms, club and shoulders). You’ve probably read, the one-piece takeaway, and that’s exactly what I’m referring to here.

Check It Halfway

When you’re midway back in your backswing, your left arm will be parallel to the ground, not to mention parallel in conjunction with your target line. At this time in your swing, you will have cocked your wrists ” up “, and simply started to flex your right arm (slightly).

At this time, the butt end of your club should really be pointing towards target line. Should you have a lazer on the end of your own club (butt end), it is going to point right towards the line, about 2-3 feet behind the ball, but directly on the target line. If you can possibly hit that line consistently, you’re on your journey to an incredible golf swing.

All you have to do now’s continue your shoulder turn, as you’re flexing your right elbow to 90 degrees. Now your’re near the top of your swing in best placement to come down on plane. This is a beautiful thing!

Mimic Backswing Plane And Path When Coming Down

This is where I know personally I screwed this up for sure! When you’ve executed your complete backswing like already mentioned, all you have to do is reverse it coming down. Deliver your hands downward on the same path you did going up.

You should not adjust your hands in the downswing, as that will immediately alter your swing plane. My fault was coming down way steeper than when I went back. It’s a killer in your own golf swing, and I labored very hard to resolve it.

Another checkpoint is midway coming down (see picture to your right).Similar to halfway back, the butt of your own club must be aiming on the target line, in essentially precisely the same spot as when you were going back.

Focus on how Hunter’s shaft is very nicely parallel on the plane line. He will come into impact specifically on the proper golf swing plane.
There are numerous other extremely effective golf swing plane drills that I’ll go over in a future article, but my intention is that this article has presented you a better comprehension of your golf swing plane.

Use A Trainer To Ingrain Swing Plane

For most golfers it is almost impossible to enable them to acquire the appropriate sense of the on-plane swing, which is when the use of a golf trainer to improve your swing plane can be a godsend.

Being in position to use this sort of trainer and strike golf balls, will let you have real time feedback. You’ll know at any instant when you strike the ball by having an on plane swing or not.

+Mike Pedersen