Solid Knees For A Consistent Golf Swing

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Solid Knees For A Consistent Golf Swing

What You Need To Know If You Want To Hit
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One area I am really working hard on in my golf swing is my knees. I have what you would call over-active knees. They move too much, causing me to get off center with an improper weight shift, which results in many different mishits.

Look at Tiger Woods knee action. His right knee has not budged going back, and his left knee has kicked in slightly, but not to the point of a reverse pivot.

If you’re struggling to make solid contact with the golf ball, you might want to take a look at what your knees are doing in your swing. The lower body is the support structure of your golf swing. It provides the stable base to swing at up to 100 mph, and not get off balance.

Your feet are the only connection to the ground, so they must be firm into the ground. And right above your feet are your…knees. Unstable knees make your support structure very unstable, which then causes swing faults like lateral sway.

Solid Right Knee

To be even more specific is the back knee, or the right knee for a right-handed golfer. This is the culprit to sliding off (swaying) the ball in your backswing. I am guilty as charged. I fight this constantly, and I think part of it is my bad right knee (bone-on-bone) from a major knee injury throwing the javelin in college (tore 3 out of 4 ligaments “off the bone”).

Your right knee MUST remain in the exact position, and with the same flex as it is at from your address. It may rotate just a hair, but I mean minimal. The minute the right knee rotates too much, your weight has gone onto the outside of your right foot, and now you will have to slide laterally towards the target to get back to the ball.

This is what we call wasted motion in your golf swing.

Golf Drills For Stable Knees

One golf drill you may have seen is having a beach ball between your legs when you hit balls. This forces you to maintain knee separation during your swing, and ingrains a new feeling of a solid base from the ground up.

For about $2, you can get a ball at Target, and do this drill. You can even do it at home in front of a mirror, to make sure you are remaining stable as you make your golf swing.

You can also take a training stick ($5 at Home Depot) and insert into ground outside your right leg. There should be an angle to the stick that matches the angle in your right leg at address. Then make backswings where you don’t touch the stick with your entire right leg (even right hip).

Here’s How To Fix Right Knee In Your Golf Swing Quickly

Achieve A Stable Right Knee To Fix Golf Sway

I love to use training aids whenever I can, as it gives you the best feel of a correct move when you’re trying to make a change.

Notice how this aid keeps the right knee from moving laterally, which will dramatically improve your ball striking. This is the fastest way to cure golf swing faults like this.

Use this leg strap to fix golf sway in your swing.

+Mike Pedersen