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Stop Hip Slide During Golf Swing

Learning how to stop the hip slide during golf swing is critical to consistency and solid ball striking.

I speak from experience as I am a slider bigtime. I am working extremely hard on fixing my hip slide on my backswing, and have come across a swing aid that has already help immensely.

It’s called the Pivot Pro Golf Training Aid. It is literally the PERFECT swing aid for this swing fault, and I’m absolutely thrilled I came across it.

When you slide in your backswing, you need to slide back in your downswing, adding a timing sequence that is unnecessary in your golf swing. Learning the correct feel of the right knee remaining very stable and still will prevent this lateral slide from happening. That’s where the Pivot Pro comes in. Inserting your right foot in the boot, puts your leg at an angle that makes it nearly impossible to slide outside of your foot. It works.

For most golfers, myself included, learning the correct “feel” to fix this fault is of the utmost of importance and the Pivot Pro swing aid gives you exactly that. Making a backswing INTO the right leg and not over or beyond it, which is then a hip slide.

Most of the time the hip slide toward the target is a result of the hip slide going back. It’s a compensation. So fix the backswing, and the downswing takes care of itself.

To find out more about the Pivot Pro Swing Aid, click on the image below.

+Mike Pedersen

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