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Beginner Golf Fitness Training DVD

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner golfer or a professional playing on the tour, it’s never too late (especially for senior golfers) to start working on your “machine”…your body that is. Don’t waste another dollar on gimmicky training aids, equipment or even lessons. It’s time you became a golfing athlete. Don’t be intimidated. Your starting point is only that…a starting point to greatly improve your golf swing power, consistency and accuracy. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll be swinging your clubs.

“Am starting to hit the drives and mid irons consistently, and 20 to 30 yards longer then last year. Am back to playing the blues and occasionally the tips and breaking 85 again, which is not bad for a 66 year old who was starting to accept rounds in the 90’s as my fate.” — Dave Willets
“I was able to lower my handicap this past summer (2006 season) from a 20 to 12. I’m hitting all my clubs longer and have added about 20 yards to my drives. I feel better than I have in years. So at 67
yrs. of age I’m feeling very good about myself. My wife likes me healthy also.” — Larry
“After following your golf fitness program, I feel like I am 40 years old now. I am almost 56. I think I can play 27 holes under the sun. The last time I played I shot 7 over – not like before, when I would shoot 90 or more. I also had my first eagle in par 4. Thanks to your advice and golf workout program, I am a much more confident golfer now.” — Adrian Castillo

Easy Golf Exercise and Golf Stretching

Mike Pedersen’s Power Golf Training Phase 1 (Novice) Package includes simple and effective in-home golf swing training drills. These training drills specific to golfers will help you regain golf-specific range of motion, enabling you to make a full, tension-less swing every time.

By using Mike’s Phase 1 program just twice a week you’ll speed up your golf swing improvement like never before. Your body will move like a fine-tuned golfing machine.

How Is Golf Training Effortless?

When you use Mike’s DVD consistenty, your golf swing becomes Power. No more HARD swings where the you can’t find your ball and it goes nowhere! We are talking about swinging at 70% effort and watching your ball go up to 30 yards further…AND stay in the fairway. How would that feel? 

Two Golf Swing Training DVD’s AND A Companion

Mike has uniquely put together this novice package to benefit you the most. After looking at all the exercise dvds and videos on the market, Mike concluded the need for not only a 2 DVD Set, but a companion manual for easy reference.

Phase 1 DVD One is every golf swing training drill in demonstration format. You will also see a surprise bonus on this dvd. Phase 1 DVD two is the actual session. Mike is there from start to finish taking you throughthe entire program. It’s like having Mike in your home as your very own golf swing trainer.

The Phase 1 (Novice) Companion Booklet is beautifully designed with a glossy color finish, packed with 30 illustrations guiding your through every simple, golf specific training drill.

This booklet printed on high quality paper and glossy color cover retails by itself at $29.95, but Mike is giving it to you as a completely FREE as his thank you for trusting his products.

If you are a current exerciser, you may want to skip this DVD package and get Mike’s Power Golf Swing Training Phase 2 (Intermediate) DVD Set and Companion Booklet.

Minimal Golf Fitness Equipment Needed

Mike purposely designed all his Effortless Golf Swing Training Programs to incorporate the use of minimal equipment that is very affordable and portable. Most programs show the use of a gym or fitness center. Not with Mike’s programs.


This Beginner Golf Fitness Package utilizes a stability ball, exercise tubing and a pair of hand weights. These are very inexpensive and are available in our golf fitness equipment store or at any local fitness store in your area (even Target).

Don’t delay…start your golf swing transformation today! For ONLY $29.95, – get it today for $19.95… but only until midnight tonightThursday, August 18, 2011 ! Or…SAVE $30 and get our all-enclusive   Power Golf Swing Training System Super Package.