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After 14 Years of Coaching & Studying THOUSANDS of Golf Swings.. I’ve Finally Discovered The #1 Killer In YOUR Drive..

… and it literally FIXES ITSELF in
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Attention: Golfers 50 And Over…This Is For You!

From the desk of Mike Pedersen,

If you’ve ever wished you could make a BIGGER backswing without hurting your game…

Then please, read on and join the thousands of other ‘old-timer’ golfers who now hit the ball FURTHER with more power, distance and consistency without frustrating swing faults for an entire 18 holes.. (I’ll explain how in a minute).

But ONLY read on if:

1. You don’t hit like you used to
2. You’ve lost flexibility and your back, shoulder or knees hurt during or after golf..
3. You struggle to make a FULL backswing..
4. You feel DISGUSTED walking off the 18th hole..
5. You’re tired of letting the #1 KILLER in golf steal YOUR drive.. (which I’m going to tell you about in a minute)..

You may be wondering.. how can I make these claims?

I’ve spent a LOT of time on the golf course. Being a golf coach I have the unique opportunity to study literally HUNDREDS of swings per day, THOUSANDS per month and even TENS of thousands throughout my entire career..

… and in that time, I’ve noticed some patterns.

Some people have no back swing, other are struggling with their shoulder turn – and even still, I see people coming out of their shot time and time again (and not getting as many yards on their drive as a result)…

But it’s all due to ONE problem.

ONE factor which, when fixed, can add at least 30 yards to your drive – AND remove the aches and pains you feel during and after a simple round of golf.

So, what’s the #1 killer in your drive?

Allow me to explain,

While studying tens of thousands of golf swings throughout my lifetime, I’ve noticed that the main cause of mis-hits, lack of distance and inconsistency in most people’s drive are tight golf swing muscles.

Unfortunately, it’s due to a decline in your specific range of motion which naturally comes as a result of aging and physical decline.

Tight muscles create tension, and tension KILLS your golf swing power and technique. That’s not even the bad part…

When you try even HARDER to get distance on your drive, and ‘fight through the pain’, it only gets WORSE. (that’s because your muscles only get more and more TIGHT, creaing more and more TENSION).

So what did I do?

I used myself and my personal golf clients as little guinea pigs, and came up with a unique flexibility routine which I have personally PROVEN to remove tension, and increase your power and distance, improve your swing mechanics, and eliminate aches and pain all at the same time…



1. A FULL backswing for an entire 18 holes…

2. A removal of ALL stiffness in all the major joints in your body (back, shoulder, knees, etc)

3. AT LEAST 30+ yards added to your drive…

No, you’re not going to hurt yourself and screw up your game…

Most of my golf clients are over the age of 50. They would NEVER forgive me if they got hurt while being my guinea pigs for this flexibility program.. but they also yearned to hit the ball farther..

So I had to make sure these (simple) stretches were easy to do, would NOT hurt you, and would STILL add at least 30+ yards to your game.

The exercises are EASY to follow, with step by step instructions on how to perform simple golf- specific stretches which I’ve tested on myself and hundreds of my own clients.

I have spent the better part of 10 years developing strength and stretching programs that help golfers just like you improve their game. The ‘7 minutes to longer drives’ DVD is achievable by any golfer, no matter what your age or ability is.

In just a few minutes per day, you’ll be pain-free and feeling BETTER than you have in years! This is YOUR personal solution to a better swing, lower handicap and a POWERFUL drive.

This unique DVD will awaken your golf muscles and help you REGAIN THOSE LOST YARDS



Here’s what other golfers like yourself had to say..

• “I just wanted to say thanks for putting the Golf Stretching DVD together. I have had it for a week. The results are amazing. This morning I shot a pair of 39’s for a 78 on a course 6470 yards long with a course rating of 71.5/133. My handicap is between 15 and 18. This is the best score I have had in 5 years. Not bad for being 69 years and 6 months. I am hooked on stretching and will continue to use the program daily. Thanks again, Jim Mahoney”

• “I have used the stretching DVD multiple times. It is excellent! There are a lot of stretching DVDs out there, but I can’t imagine how one could hone in more on the golf swing muscles as yours.It is not only a good stretching DVD to use at home, but I can do many of the stretches at the range or before the 1st tee to stretch my hamstrings, upper body and shoulders. I used to do a basic stretch such as touching my toes or putting a club behind my back and trying to rotate my upper body. This golf stretching DVD showed me some serious torque stretches that go way beyond what I was doing before. I really like it.” – Jeff Root

• “I’ve been using your new stretching DVD for a few weeks now and really love it. I had been using a competitors DVD, but I think I enjoy yours more due to the fact that its more challenging. Granted, I can’t quite hang in for the duration for each stretch you perform on the DVD, but I know with persistence I will improve. It also challenges me strength-wise, I can feel a LOT of the smaller muscles being pulled into action which only improves stability in my swing. Great job. No B.S., push play and you’re off and running. For folks like me, stuck in the cold weather climates (I’m in NH), you can only do good to begin a program like this once the snow and cold sets in. I am in no way affiliated with Mike, I am only a client.” Mark Heavey

• “I have done the full stretching routine and 4 bonus stretches twice, and I love the program! I plan to do the stretching program one more time this week. I am glad I will do the full stretching program for 2-3 weeks before I re-start my golf fitness program after the first of the year.” Frank Mills

• “I just received my copy of Golf Stretching For A Better Swing and was so impressed If you are serious at all about your golf game, or your health in general, this DVD will help you right away.Here’s what I like about this program:It has a great set of golf stretches that anyone can easily do. This was important to me because some programs (and I own several) practically require you to be a gymnast to do. These are easy and really effective. You can easily do all of the stretches or you can pick out certain ones that seem to help you the most.The video quality is top-notch. I have a high-resolution monitor and the picture quality of this DVD couldn’t be any better. It’s that clear and sharp. Finally, I should mention that the cost of this program is really a great deal. You can learn from the recognized expert just exactly what you need to do to hit longer tee shots and it costs less than a round of golf at most courses. Dave Cushion, Michigan”


Try the DVD for 30 days, and if in that time you’re not 100% convinced that this is EVERYTHING I’ve promised you and more.. then simply return the DVD for a FULL REFUND.

Why am I offering this?

Because I want YOU to succeed, and finally DEFEAT the #1 killer in your drive without ANY risk on your part.

The risk is all on me.

You’ll either LOVE the DVD and impress all your partners (and strangers) immediately with your new skills (which only took 7 minutes to do).. or you’ll absolutely hate it.

For much LESS than the cost of a single round of golf.


I’m honestly doing you a favor here…

Usually I sell this DVD for $49 on the golf course to my clients, friends and strangers on the course.

But I’m letting you steal this for only HALF that price.

I won’t be keeping this special price online for very long – eventually I’ll want to make things easier on myself and tell people on the course to come to THIS website and purchase the ‘7 minutes to a longer drive’ DVD…

And it WON’T be $24.95. I’ll raise the price back up to $49.

So if you’re reading this message right now, then you’re in luck.

I haven’t raised the price yet.

Press the ‘Add To Cart’ button below, before I have a chance to raise it back up to $49.

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I’ll be reading your success story soon – in the meantime, go ahead and hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button only IF you want to get your golf swing muscles as loose as you can, defeat the #1 killer in golf, improve the POWER and DISTANCE in your drive CONSISTENTLY for 18 holes (without the normal pain in your back, shoulder or knees).

That’s it for now my friend, let me know how many yards are added to your drive in only 7 minutes per day ;).


Mike Pedersen

P.S. Remember, the price for my ‘7 Minutes To Longer Drives’ DVD will be 50% of my NORMAL charge for a limited time. As I continue to promote this DVD on the course to my clients, friends and strangers on the golf course, I’ll want to simplify the process and send them directly to THIS WEBSITE – and raising the price BACK to $49.

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