Golf Backswing: Right Shoulder Motion Is A Must

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Golf Backswing: Right Shoulder Motion Is A Must

One of the most important elements of a consistent golf swing is the right shoulder in your backswing. If you’re a right-handed golfer, and you’re struggling with consistency and ball-striking, you need to read this.

Initial Move During Takeaway

I have struggled with this part of my takeaway for years, but am finally getting it, so I want to relay this onto you. When you start the club back, the right shoulder does NOT move sideways (to the right)…at all! This is a lateral movement that will create all sorts of compensations coming down.

The right shoulder moves BACK immediately!

Golf is a rotational movement, so the rotation of your shoulders early on is critical to getting to the top of your backswing in the correct position, in order to have a full golf swing loaded with power. So from now on, I want you to think of your right shoulder going back when you take the club away, NOT to the side.

Next…The Right Shoulder Rotates

This is where a lot of the older golfers get “stuck”. Both of your shoulders need to have a higher level of rotational flexibility to get to the top of your backswing correctly, and to rotate through impact without getting the dreaded “chicken wing” in the follow through. The importance of golf training is a must.

Now that you’ve got the shoulder moving back, you must have enough golf-specific flexibility to rotate it to the top, where you are in a position like holding a waiters tray. If you cannot get to this position, you will either come over the top, causing a slice, or you just won’t complete your backswing, resulting in a quick pull to the left. If you are a senior golfer, I strongly urge you to focus on golf fitness to improve your golf swing.

How To Improve Your Shoulder Flexibility For A Proper Backswing

I shot a video that will show you a simple exercise, that is very golf-specific for a proper golf backswing, with your right shoulder getting into the perfect position at the top.

Click on Improve Golf Backswing – Right Shoulder Video to watch it, and be on your way to a more consistent golf swing.