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Golf Fitness DVD Phase 1 – Beginner Level
Includes 2 DVD Set & Companion Booklet







This Beginner Golf Fitness Training DVD Set is for golfers who have been inactive, and want to start their golf swing training at an easy and achievable level. Perfect for the senior golfer.

This DVD will awaken your body, improve your backswing range of motion, and quickly increase distance with all your clubs.

Golf Fitness DVD Phase 2 – Intermediate Level
Includes 2 DVD Set & Companion Booklet







If you’re a regular exerciser and are looking for a golf swing training dvd that will take your golf swing to the next level, this is it! This complete routine incorporates golf swing training exercises and stretches to infuse power in your golf swing.

In this Golf Fitness Intermediate DVD, I am with you every step of the way as your at-home, personal golf trainer

Golf Fitness DVD Phase 3 – Advance Level
Includes 2 DVD Set & Companion Booklet







This is THE golf fitness training DVD that will blow your foursome OFF the golf course! You will have rock-solid balance to maiximize your swing power and distance. You will be able to get out of every trouble shot with ease.

Your golf score will drop EVEN lower! This is the premier training DVD to help you become a champion golfer!

This challenging Advance Golf Fitness DVD Set is for the golfer who trains consistently and is looking to take their golf-specific power to an even HIGHER level!

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