Golf Swing Plane Trainer

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Golf Swing Plane Trainer – Product Description


Maintaining an “on-plane”, powerful golf swing can be achieved by using the Perfect Release Golf  Swing Plane Trainer. You will have stronger, more powerful golf muscles!”

Mike Pedersen, Power Golf Swing Biomechanic Coach

Improve Golf Swing Plane With Perfect Release Training Tool – Watch Video



The Features of The Swing Plane Training Aid

  • Armband fits comfortably on your arm, and will last a long time.
  • The stretch cord gives you a real swing aid visually to promote the correct swing plane.
  • Attach it to any club in your bag easily.
  • Adjustment in a matter of seconds.
  • Take it anywhere as it weighs just ounces.
  • Use it on the range, at home, in your office, and take it on the road with you.
  • Make full swings and hit balls with this for instant feel and feedback.
  • Excellent for short game practice (pitching and chipping).

1 review for Golf Swing Plane Trainer

  1. George S
    5 out of 5


    The video on this page sold me. I wanted something that would keep me on plane and be able to hit balls. This is it! Really enjoying it so far!

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