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Your Golf Swing Analysis And FixI’ve have studied hundreds,if not thousands of golf swings on video, and I am confident I can help you hit straighter and longer shots with the analysis I do for you.” Mike Pedersen, Golf Swing Biomechanic Coach Founder – Perform Better Golf

I Promise To Fix Your Golf Swing

With today’s technology, you can video your swing with your phone, a flip camera, or a regular video camera if you have one. But you’re phone will work just fine. Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Your video analysis within 48 hours.
  • An explanation of your biomechanical faults.
  • 1-2 simple fixes (drills).
  • If needed, a specific stretch or strength exercise.
  • I will answer any questions you have after the analysis, via email.


Golf Swing Video Analysis

For example, the golfer in the below pictures was having trouble topping the ball. He was a decent golfer, but for the life of him, could not figure out why.

After I analyzed his swing videos…

golf swing

This is just one issue I found and addressed. See what his head is doing (moving through the line I drew)? This was causing him to go out on his toes going back, and whatever you do going back, you have to undo coming down. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. This was no doubt causing his topped golf shots, as he was pulling his head back (and up) at impact to try to hit the ball solid.

My Swing Promise

If you do not see improvement, I will more than gladly analyze another swing of yours at no cost to you.


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