Swing Handle Golf Fitness Trainer

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Swing Handle Golf Trainer Improves Power and Distance



Anytime you can make a golf swing with resistance, you will improve your power and distance, and the Swing Handle Golf Trainer can attach to a cable system in your gym, or you can use our tubing, and swing it at home.

Mike Pedersen, Power Golf Swing Biomechanic Coach

Founder – Perform Better Golf



Improve Golf Swing Power – Swing It In Your Gym

This versatile trainer can attach to any cable system in your gym. Strengthen your downswing, backswing, impact and improve swing plane in a matter of minutes.



I’m a huge believer in “functional training” for golf. This means making golf swings with training aids that strengthen, stretch, and provide proper swing technique while using it. Using the proper sequence with this trainer will not only build power into your swing, but result in better ball striking and accuracy.


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