Golf Swing Trainer - Tubing Resistance

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Golf Swing Trainer Using Tubing Resistance

Strengthening your golf muscles with the Golf Swing Tubing Trainer will give you the quickest results in power and distance. Training your muscles with resistance through the downswing and through impact is very effective.”

Mike Pedersen, Golf Biomechanic Coach

Founder – Perform Better Golf


Hit Longer Drives With Tubing Trainer – Watch Video


Here’s What You Can Expect After Using This Trainer

  • More powerful downswing for up to 30 yards on your drives.
  • Increase backswing flexibility for effortless power.
  • Improved wrist lag to pound that ball through impact.
  • Better impact position to fix the flippy, thin golf shots.
  • Reduced injuries to wrist and elbow.


One of the biggest benefits is the convenience of using this golf training device “in your home or office”. You can use this daily, and see a big increase in distance quickly. No going to the range and pounding balls. Just attach it to any door, and start swinging. Follow my golf instruction video to not only improve your power, but mechanics through impact.

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Compressing the ball better than ever!

Oct 17, 2013 by Samuel
Location: Fort Worth, TX 

Mike, I have been getting your email golf instruction tips for 3 years now, and got a recent email about your golf swing trainer. Bought it right then. Have been using it at the office and I am absolutely compressing the snot out of the golf ball. Love it!

Both Speed and Strength enhancer

Sep 20, 2013 by Raymond CHASTEL
Location: MOUGINS (FRANVE ) 

Many different exercises besides the one shown on MIKE"s video can be done with this tubing .Keep in mind to do it the fastest possible to develop the "Fast Twitch Fibers "of your muscles.I do this exercise with two and three tubings at the same time .You'll soon see the benefit to your distance off the tee

Been doing it every day

Mar 03, 2012 by Shawn
Location: Virginia 

I watched your video and was sold! I got the tubing resistance trainer last week, and have used it every day. Too cold to hit outside, but I'm pumped to be a stronger golfer this season.

Already like it...

Feb 24, 2012 by Henry
Location: Montana 

I ordered this 3 days ago and already got it. I couldn't wait to hook it up to the door (took me 10 seconds) and start working with it. I can tell already my muscles are going to get a lot stronger for my swing

Seeing more zip on the ball

Feb 18, 2012 by Sean
Location: Scottsdale 

I'm so glad I ran into you on the range, and thanks for taking a look at my swing. I went home and got your tubing trainer. Been using it for 2 weeks now and can already feel more zip on the ball. I've even taken it into my office.

Use it in my office

Feb 10, 2012 by Matthew
Location: South Carolina 

I've been looking for a training tool like this for a long time, so I'm glad I found your site. I use it every day in my office and have noticed a significant increase in driving distance. Over 20 yards for sure!

Love it!

Feb 08, 2012 by Ron Thompson
Location: California 

Ordered it a week ago and just got it. Took it on the road and already used it in my hotel. I love this! Feel like I can improve my swing even when I travel.

5.0 5.0 7 7 Mike, I have been getting your email golf instruction tips for 3 years now, and got a recent email about your golf swing trainer. Bought it right then. Have been using it at the of Golf Swing Tubing Trainer